How are API requests counted ?

For the sync requests, only the successfull ones are counted, so only if you get a 200 status response. All async requests that return 201 are counted, even if the operation fails later on.

What payment methods are accepted ?

Credit card or Paypal

Can I unsubscribe anytime ?

Yes. except the first month.

Am I reimbursed if I unsubscribe ?

You are reimbursed on every remaining day of the month.

Am I required to store my payment method ?

No. Only if you choose Automatic billing. Your payment method will be stored in Braintree Vault, not in our premises.

What happens if I delete my stored payment method ?

If you delete your stored payment method, you will be put automatically on the Basic plan.

Can I unsubscribe when my subscription is past due ?

Yes, in this case you will be charged nothing. Also, you will be automatically unsubscribed if you do not pay before the 3rd of the month.

Can I change my plan when my subscription is past due ?

Yes. You will be charged your new plan’s monthly price in this case.