What is imager200 ?

imager200 is an API that allows you to process your images by sending them as bytes. There are different endpoints that provide transformations on your image, all you need to do is just to call the endpoint with any http client with your image bytes as the body of the request or the url of the image, if the image is remote. The transformations can be resizing, rotating, adding text, …etc

Why would I need imager200 ? I can just use any photo editor online or in my computer ?

imager200 targets developers who would like to automate the processing of their images. If you have applications that receive images and need to do some processing before storing the images somewhere or sending them back to the end user, then imager200 may come handy. Many developers would create auxiliary services to process their images. Those services are usually resource consuming and increase the cost of operating your application. imager200’s goal is to replace those services and to alleviate the burden on your backend. imager200’s API is efficient and hosted on HA infrastructure in such a way to provide quality processing in the best response time.

imager200 can also be used occasionally for experimenting or learning purposes.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an account and obtain your API key
  2. Browse the API docs to find out the enpoints to use and find out usage examples
  3. start using imager200 API with any http client of your choice

Sign up at https://panel.imager200.io.