Google Drive and Google photo post operations require the user to perform the Google OAuth 2 flow in order to obtain the credentials. You will be redirected to Google login page in which you will need to authorize imager200 to access your app (either Drive or Photos).

google auth

Once you click on Authorize, you will get the Google consent screen:

google auth

For Google drive, you can configure the path to which the image will be copied. If left empty, the root path will be used. The requested OAuth scope is

For Google Photo, you can configure the album to which the image will be copied. If the album does not exist, it will be created. If it already exists, the condition is that the album should have been created by imager200 in a previous post operation, otherwise the post operation will fail. The requested scopes are for uploading the image, for creating an album.

the credentials (OAUth token) obtained from the authorization process are automatically renewed once expired.